Texas Real Estate Broker:  Harry M. Croxton
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Harry M. Croxton, Sr., Owner
Harry's auditing, tax and management experience was initially honed at the
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.  With the IRS, he
rose from Internal Revenue Agent to Program Manager  for the Southwest
Region, where he directed the audits of Fortune 500 companies domiciled in
the Southwest United States.

Over the past twenty years he has served the business and investment
communities as owner of a successful executive search firm, CEO and COO
of tax management and business consulting firms as well as CFO for one of
the largest REO management companies in the United States.

Commissioner Croxton serves the city of Arlington, Texas as a member of
the Planning and Zoning Commission and he is a member of the Texas
Association of Realtors' Political Action and Goverment Affairs Committees.  
Harry is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service.

Harry is past Thesauristes for Delta Mu Boulé of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity,
past President for Delta Mu Boulé Education Foundation and Lifetime
Member of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Harry's many honors include:

The Wyatt Trent Award for Organizational Dedication - Internal Revenue
Nine Special Achievement Awards - Internal Revenue Service
Commendation for Service to the Youth Motivation Task Force Program -
National Alliance of Business
Recognition of Service to the Cooperative Education Program - University of
Recognition of Contribution and Leadership - J.D. & Associates, Inc.